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Groove Subaru Cycling is proud to reveal the official Groove Subaru Cycling website! With much anticipation and patience from our team members we have been able to deliver on their request! We hope that you enjoy the new team website and look forward to hearing about your feedback!

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june 2016

Hygiene and Niwot Don't Disappoint

June 26, 2016

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the team was back in action at a P2P Men's Mid-Wk Series @CSP #4 and P2P Jr/SW3-4 Mid-Wk Series @CSP #2. Byron Nix, Shame Orr and Thomas Herman snuck away with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes in SM P-1-2-3 field at P2P's Mid-Week Training Race Series and Kimberly Hodes pedaled her way to the 4th place in SW 3-4 race at P2P Jr/SW3-4 Mid-Wk Series @CSP #2.

Over the weekend, Boulder County roads played host to two cycling events. The Hygiene Time Trial took place on Saturday, consisting of a 10-mile loop that started and ended in the town of Hygiene. The Niwot Circuit Race followed a day alter, contested over a 6-mile loop with the staging area in the town of Niwot.

Byron Nix and Shane Orr raced in the MM 40+ 1-2-3 field in the Niwot Circuit Race, demonstrating their cycling prowess. In the end, it came down to the cyclists in the break-way group. Byron won the final sprint, while Shane squeaked out a second place finish by a fraction of an inch over the third place finisher. Kimberly Hodes continued her fantastic season with 12th podium finish of the year taking 2nd place in the MW 50+ group and Steve Crowley scored a 3rd place finish in the stacked MM 50+ 1-2-3 field at Niwot Circuit Race.

The star of the day at the Hygiene Time Trial was Andrea Thomas who was back on the podium after taking silver medal in SW 1-2 race. It was also another podium finish for Kimberly Hodes who finished 3rd in SW50+ field.

Let’s not forget that the guys behind the scenes doing lots of work to cover moves and control the race to protect the interest of our podium finishes. Riders like Margot Clyne, James Dunkleberger, Craig Hofer, Callen Borgias, Robert Arena, Maciej Przewozny, Alexander Gillett, Paul Grunt, Scott Kurban and many others are turning inside out more times than not. Races are a unified effort and the commitment of team. Congrats everyone!

Father's Day Main Street  Parker Criterium

June 19, 2016

Happy belated Father's Day to all you Dads out there! Hope you had a good one. This Father’s Day 294 racers took advantage and enjoyed of all that the Parker Main Street Criterium had to offer. Crit racing is fast and tough – like Nascar on bikes. Packed in tight and flying around in a looped circuit. A hot and brutal race at the Main Street Parker Criterium resulted in three podium finishes as well as eleven top 10 finishes for Groove Subaru Excel Sports Team. Great racing by all riders. Huge congrats to Margot Clyne who is back on the top step of the podium in SW 1-2 category and James Dunkleberger who won the MM 40+ 1-2-3 race! It was also a podium finish for Craig Hofer who came in 3rd place in MM 50+ 1-2-3 field. So proud of all the team for pushing hard for every turn and racing to the finish line!

Guanella Pass Hill Climb and Ridge at 38 Criterium

June 12, 2016

This past weekend brought us another two fantastic and completely different events and racing courses – eleven miles Guanella Pass Hill Climb and fast and technical Ridge at 38 Criterium that was also State Championship Crit for seniors.

It was a perfect weather and a great turnout in Georgtown for the Guanella Pass Hill Climb on Saturday. Groove Subaru had five team members race the challenging eleven miles course that rises 3,150 ft. from Georgetown with grades of 8-12% and finish at a dizzying 11,700 ft. Very happy to see our Groove ladies on the podium with Margo Clyne taking 2nd in the SW 1-2 category and Kimberly Hodes getting 3rd place in MW 50+ race. Shout out to all our riders who came out Saturday including Peter LandgraffCarla Flores and Michael Howells who finished 8th, 12th and 13th in their categories. Nice work to everyone! 

Sunday was another beautiful day for a bike race in Colorado, and the city of Wheatridge did a great job bringing the community together to watch the races. The Ridge at 38 Criterium Bike Race and Brewfest put on by Local works was a huge success! There were thousands of people there cheering on the riders on the course and having a great time.  Groove Subaru enjoyed racing the well run, fast and technical Ridge at 38 Criterium. Shout out to Margot Clyne for finishing 2nd in SW 1-2 race. Very close second place for Margot Clyne who crossed the finish line with a time of 50:40.5, edged out narrowly for the win by Emily Jordan with a time of 50:39.4. With Margot Clyne’s three back-to-back podiums in Deer Trail RR - CO Senior RR Championships last week, Guanella Pass Hill Climb last Saturday and Ridge at 38 Criterium - CO Senior Crit Championships last Sunday, Margo is definitely one to watch! Kudos to Thomas Herman who crossed the finish line 4th, but since 2nd place was not a Colorado resident he got on the podium for state champs awards, so bronze medal for state champs for Men's Pro1-2 race. 

Also, Spencer Martin competed in the North American Pro Road Tour's Tulsa Tough Races for Groove Subaru this past weekend. He finished 70th in Blue Dome Criterium, 81st in Brad Village Criterium, and 41st in River Parks Criterium. Great job representing the team at the highest level of our sport! 

After a hard-earned weekend of racing, the Groove Subaru has maintained 1st place in SW 1-2 category, 2nd places in MM 40+ 1-2-3 and MW 50+ field and 3rd place in MM 40+ 3 category in the Rocky Mountain Road Cup. Huge props to all of Groove Subaru Excel Sports for putting on a terrific weekend of racing!

City Park and First State Championship of the Year Deer Trail

June 5, 2016

Colorado racers had two great events this past weekend - City Park Criterium and Deer Trail Road Race. 

The Fred Prindle Memorial City Park Criterium was back for its 45th year last Saturday. Groove Subaru team came out in numbers to race the only bike race permitted in any Denver park. Josh Direen put the hurt on the peloton, battling his way to the podium and brought home the gold in SM3 race. In the MW 50+ race, Erica Brann came cross the finish line in 2nd. Shane Orr ended up missing the podium in the MM 40+ 1-2-3 group by one place finishing fourth. Big shout out to our City Park Criterium racers this weekend! Fantastic job! 

The first State Championship, Deer Trail Road Race took place this Sunday! The sun was shining and Colorado bike racing has never felt so good. Margot Clyne, Annie Toth and Rae Brownsberger worked the State Road Race Championships to bring home a jersey with Margo taking the top step on the podium, Annie finishing 3rd and Rae crossing the finish line 8th in SW Pro 1-2 race. The MM 40+ 3 group had a strong race as well! Chad Dalles and Peter Landgraff pulled off 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the group. Congratulations to Robert Arena as he snags another podium at Deer Creek for Groove Subaru in MM 50+ 1-2-3 category! It was a great day for all squads with 19 riders out racing and 11 top ten finishes! 

Huge props to all of Groove Subaru Excel Sports for putting on a terrific weekend of racing!

About Us

Our Team

The Groove Subaru Excel Cycling Team is over 20 years old and is the second the oldest active team in the Rocky Mountain Region. The team is operated as a non for profit organization, registered as Honest Efforts Racing Organization – HERO. 

While fully supportive of our elite road racing team, Groove Subaru also remains committed to racers and riders across a broad age range and across a wide variety of cycling disciplines. The team fields competitive road, mountain, track, cyclo-cross, XC, and downhill men’s and women’s teams. Many racers participate in more than one discipline. 

The Groove-Subaru Cycling Team is a team of people who like to ride together, hang out together, and generally have fun. While racing is important and something the team takes pride in, we do not expect it. Those of us who race do so because we enjoy competing. When we are in a race we all work with and complement each other’s different abilities and fitness levels. Groove-Subaru Cycling Team fields competitive road, track, cyclo-cross, XC, and downhill men’s and women’s teams. Many racers participate in more than one discipline. The team includes many past world, national, and state Masters champions in track, road and cyclo-cross. Racing is not the “be all and end all” of our lives, however. Most of us have careers and/or families but enjoy riding our bikes and staying fit and healthy. We are here because we want to be and look for like-minded individuals who also understand the team concept. By riding as a team we are achieving individual success as well. We are having a great deal of fun and satisfaction pursuing our hobby as part of a community.